As Paris Editor for Tin House magazine, Heather Hartley interviews some of the city's most fascinating residents, and unveils in her essays some of its hidden quirks and facets. She also writes for other venues.


In your work, would you say that an image translates more easily and powerfully than language, and if so, how? Hartley speaks with Marjane Satrapi, award-winning graphic novelist and animated film director of Persepolis for Tin House, full interview appearing in The World Within: Writers Talk Ambition, Angst...

What is "appetite" for you? Heather Hartley interviews novelist & cultural phenomenon Amelie Nothomb for Tin House (excerpt).

She both devours and is devoured. Hartley on Catherine Millet, author of The Sexual Life of Catherine M. (excerpt), for Tin House (excerpt).

The atmosphere in Shakespeare and Company Bookshop is a mixture of excitement, bookishness, chaos, comfort, and calm. Hartley speaks with Sylvia Whitman, Manager and Owner of Shakespeare and Company Bookshop, for the Tin House blog, including a video section.

To consider Apollinaire from the angle of the dinner table is to see an essential facet of his personality and his poetry, revealing a side that is fragile, mortal and hungry. Hartley on French poet Guillaume Apollinaire: a personal essay included in Food and Booze:
A Tin House Literary Feast.

Galassi has captured this complex and ever-changing light and dark of Leopardi offering an eloquent, subtle, and intensely luminous translation. Hartley reviews Jonathan Galassi's Canti: Poems for The Rumpus.